About Us

Created by a Momapreneur in her home’s guest house in Visalia in 2009 Central Valley Healthy Snacks have popped up in retail store throughout the Central Valley. The rapid development of the healthy snacks line required a move to a downtown Visalia location and included a small café. When the small packing facility became too small for the expansion into the central coast market, the packing facility was moved to San Luis Obispo. This left plenty of room to expand its café located in the heart of Visalia’s beautiful downtown! Now in addition to delicious and healthy snacks of dried fruit, nuts, vegetable snacks and chocolate coasted snacks the Orange Valely Café also boasts sandwiches, salads, soups, smoothies and soft-serve Ice cream using only the freshest, most genuine ingredients.

Fresh Gourmet sandwiches made with only the finest ingredients. From the freshly baked bread made in-house to the best tri-tip, off-the-bone non-processed turkey, all natural ham without nitrates, lean pastrami and local fresh vegetables. Fresh Salads made with locally grown romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, house-baked croutons and several dressing options including the popular House dressing, the owner’s mother’s recipe, made with fresh garlic, lemon and olive oil.